Playing Duets on a Baritone Dulcimer

My new baritone dulcimer from McSpadden Dulcimers has provided a chance to try out playing several songs. Songs with a deep pitch such as Grandfather’s Clock especially sound appealing when played on a baritone dulcimer. I thought of lullabies, too. Here are two duets for baritone and standard dulcimer along with an explanation of the tunings used. Bill Taylor Dulcimer - IMG_4705_1 Continue reading


The Story of Two Walnut Dulcimers

Seeing double? These two walnut dulcimers are made from the same wood at the same time. One is a standard dulcimer and the other is a baritone; they look alike. This is the story of the two walnut dulcimers.Walnut Dulcimers - 2 - IMG_4432_1-R Continue reading