Irish Lover’s Basket for the Dulcimer Player

Our Lagniappe Dulcimer Fete is just around the corner in a couple of weeks, March 12-14, 2015, at the Port Allen, LA, Community Center. Come enjoy the workshops, concerts, vendors and bid on this beautiful handicraft made by club members.

Irish Lovers Basket fo the Dulcimer Player - 3 - IMG_2270

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“Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” A Sentimental Valentine’s Day Song

“Let Me Call You Sweetheart” is a sentimental song for Valentine’s Day. However, it can present a challenge for mountain dulcimer players. Most dulcimers are tuned to DAD, the key of D, great for strumming but not always pitched best pitch for singing voices.dulcimer with 1 1-2 fret - IMG_2160

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Dulcimer Dad and His Amazing Musical Instruments: You Rock, Quintin

With creativity and talent; the sky is the limit on playing a musical instrument. Quintin Stephens shows this with the traditional Appalachian dulcimer; taking it to another level. Here is his solid body electric “Blue Shark” dulcimer.Blue Shark Dulcimer - 100_2278_sm

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