Dulcimer Jambalaya

In Cajun Louisiana culture, “jambalaya” is a flavorful rice dish with a little seasoning, a little of this and that, a little meat and a little vegetable all mixed and cooked together in a pot. The flavors blend together in the end result.

So, Dulcimer Jambalaya is a potpourri of information about the dulcimer: how to play the dulcimer, dulcimer tunings, songs and tabluature and musings about my experiences with the dulcimer. Hopefully, things all come together when you sit down and play the dulcimer for a rewarding musical experience.

Dulcimer Jambalaya represents my own ideas about the dulcimer; and is not intended to represent the Lagniappe Dulcimer Society. I’ve played and explored the dulcimer for a long time and have alot to share; perhaps you’ll learn something new here!

2 thoughts on “Dulcimer Jambalaya

    • Hello, Yes, you can purchase dulcimers on-line. One source is Elderly Instruments. Also, there are many dulcimer dealers that have one-line stores and dulcimer makers, too, such as McSpadden. Locally, several vendors are coming to our Dulcimer Festival here in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area, March 10-11. You can see and try out the dulcimers this way.


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