“Bon Anniversaire, Lagnaippe”

Next year, 2018, marks our 20th year as a dulcimer organization. We celebrate the successes of our group at the next fête, March 8-11, 2018. The theme is “Bon Anniversaire, Lagniappe” or “Happy Birthday, Lagniappe”. Come and celebrate a birthday party with us. “Save the Date.” We are already making plans.

As a special feature, we’re asking folks to think back to our Lagniappe beginnings, and recall most memorable moments; especially pertaining to our club. What prompted you to learn the dulcimer; how have you received joy from helping someone else learn, what Lagniappe memories do you have. We will feature these stories throughout the festival.

We will once again have our festival at the Port Allen Community Center and adjacent West Baton Rouge Museum.

I took a visit there to meet the new Museum Director and to take a look around. All is quiet; we’re excited about continuing to meet there. This theme has a French twist and we plan to include some of our Cajun Heritage.

The Museum director and community educator both speak fluent Cajun French. They will give a workshop on the Cajun French language and interpret the French lyrics of several Cajun songs for us.

For a successful festival we need to line up a top-rated staff of performers and instructors from all over the country. Helen and Judy are at Kentucky Music Week to take in workshops, concerts and activities. They are also talking to vendors and possible instructors. Here’s Judy with a smile on her face visiting a vendor.

This T-shirt which Judy found says it all.

Here is Rick Thum’s booth. Where’s Rick Thum? Possibly teaching a class. Where ever he is now; we’re planning to have him come to our Lagniappe Fête next March to teach hammered dulcimer workshops and perform.

So far here are performers, workshop leaders and vendors who are coming:

  • Stephen Seifert – Mountain Dulcimer, Featured Performer & Dulcimer Orchestra
  • Linda Brockinton – Mountain Dulcimer, Featured Performer
  • Margaret Wright – Mountain Dulcimer, Featured Performer and Novice Intensive Workshop Leader
  • Annette Lindsey – Vendor & Mountain Dulcimer Workshop Leader
  • Rick Thum – Hammered Dulcimer, Featured Performer
  • David Lindsey – Vendor & Hammered Dulcimer Worships
  • Steve Heiser – Hammered Dulcimer Intensive Beginner Series and Mandolin
  • Steve Bing – Fiddle
  • Karen Daniels – Autoharp
  • Plus, our own Lagniappe member, Jak Stallings, will teach computer tablature software – TabEdit.

Master of Ceremonies are:

  • Charlie LeBlanc – who gave us the idea for having this festival in Port Allen
  • Willie Sager, local musician and upright bass player; he has been a member of our organization since the beginning. He’s back by popular demand.

More are performers are coming. This will be a great fête!

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