Doodling on the Dulcimer: Jamaican Folk Tune, “Day O”

I like to doodle around on the dulcimer and see what songs I can play. It is especially pleasing when I discover a song that is familiar and popular. The Jamaican folk tune, “Day O” or the “Banana Boat Song”, is one such song. It is American singer, Harry Belafonte’s, signature song. He recorded the song in 1956 and several others recorded similar versions around the same time. The song has a simple melody; it is a “call and answer song”. It is mesmerizing and is hard to stop playing once you begin.

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Revolutionary War Era Songs for our Fête

Our 16th annual dulcimer festival is coming quickly. It’s March 9- 12, 2017, in Port Allen, Louisiana. We have a great line-up of musicians and performers coming from all-over the country as well as many vendors. Our theme is “Yankee Doodle Dulcimer” Extravaganza and includes several special events. One is a music jam for dulcimers and acoustic instruments based on songs from the Revolutionary War Era on Thursday afternoon.patriotic-quilt-img_2837_1

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Mike Anderson: The Dulcimer Guy

Mike Anderson, the Dulcimer Guy from Illinois, is coming to Baton Rouge to the Main Library on Goodwood Blvd. on December 8 to give two performances, one at 10:00 am and one at 6:30 pm. Mike is a multi-talented musician; in addition to dulcimer he plays guitar, banjo, ukulele, jaw harp and much more. Plus he loves to tell stories to children and he is an author and emcee. A little known fact is that Mike has influenced my dulcimer playing more than any other person.mike-anderson-img_1550 Continue reading