Dulcimer Memories

A special feature of our fête this year is “Dulcimer Memories.”

To celebrate our 20th year anniversary, we are asking you to look back to years gone by and recount some of your favorite dulcimer memories, especially pertaining to the early Lagniappe Dulcimer Fête and Society years. Please share some of these special moments, including when/how you learned to play the dulcimer, joy taught teaching someone else as well as early fête years.

A form is given below for you to hand-write the stories and include photos (please only include ones which don’t have to be returned).

Four ways to get us your memories:

  1. Return the memories with your Registration Form.
  2. Send form as an attachment and E-mail to: memories@dulcimerjambalaya.com.
  3. FAX to: 225-926-8581.
  4. Bring to fête with you.

The memories will be displayed in the lobby of the Community Center and some in our printed program.  We will read some of the memories (with your permission) during the concerts. So please sign them.

This is a sample form. Below is a PDF file which you can download and print out.

Dulcimer Memories

Download PDF file and print “Memories” form:

Memories form