Stephen Seifert’s 3-Day Pre-Fête Workshop

As an extra, extra “Lagniappe” Steve Seifert is offering an intensive 3-day workshop prior to the Lagniappe Fête on Monday – Wednesday (March 5-7, 2018). It’s a great chance to spend some quality time with Steve and learn the secrets of his masterful playing.

Steve says: “Join me, Stephen Seifert, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, March 5-7, 2018, for a 3-day comprehensive guided tour of mountain dulcimer playing philosophy, technique, and music for ALL LEVELS. Regardless of your level of musicianship, I want to give you the big picture.

Immediately following this workshop is the 2018 Fête. Make sure you don’t miss it!

No matter what you’re new to or already good at, my method of playing and learning to play can help you be a better musician. This hands-on, pick-moving approach will include plenty of tunes and playing exercises designed to challenge and encourage. There ARE wrong ways to play the dulcimer. Let me help you find what’s right for you.

I want to do more than teach you how to reproduce what I or someone else has already created. I want to show you how to thrill both you and your listener with an approach to playing music that’s all about passionate creation and not just about reciting the same thing over and over. I want to give you the truth about how many of your favorite musicians do what they do. These concepts work regardless of how experienced you are or how simple or complex your music is. My goal is to surprise you with what you’re really capable of.”

Some of What We’ll Cover

  • Strumming
  • Flatpicking
  • Crosspicking
  • Left-hand fingering
  • Chords
  • Chord/melody
  • Arranging
  • Making up riffs, intros, and endings
  • Reading tablature, sheet music, and hands
  • Ear skills
  • Group playing

Genres might include:

  • American and Irish fiddle tunes
  • Hymns
  • Old-Time Songs
  • Bluegrass
  • Blues

For more on what classes will cover as well as costs, visit Steve’s WEB site at:

Cost: The cost for the workshop is $175 and is payable to Steve on his WEB site. The cost does not include lodging or meals; these are your responsibility.

Folks, an intensive workshop such as this is a great value. Hope you’ll consider coming to Baton Rouge early.

Cancellation of Workshop: Steve reserves the right to cancel the workshop if there is not adequate pre-registration attendance up to a month prior to the Lagniappe festival.