Thursday Afternoon Pre-Fête Workshops

You will want to get to the fête on time this year. Our pre-fête workshops begin at 1:00 pm on Thursday afternoon. These workshops are optional, a separate fee applies to the workshops and you must pre-register for the workshops. We began these workshops as a chance to have a little longer teaching time. This year we have 4 pre-fête workshops:

“Dulcimer and Multi-Instrument Orchestra” lead by Steve Seifert. 

You should be able to play chords to come to this workshop.Steve will layer together the parts of a song to make beautiful instrumentation.

Did you know that Steve majored in classical piano in college? And that Steve’s experience includes playing dulcimer with the Nashville Chamber orchestra. Talented and popular musician and arranger, we are pleased that he’s coming to our fête this year. Here he is several years ago at one of our fêtes.

“Let’s Play: Advanced Beginner/Novice Players Workshop”. Lead by Margaret Wright.

Everyone should attend this workshop at some point in their piaying career. Get of on the right step with proper strumming technique and knowledge of dulcimer fretboard and music. Margaret’s gentle style takes the fear out of playing the dulcimer.

“Keyboard Backup” by Annette Lindsey

For all musicians, this fun workshop teaches how to back-up the band with the keyboard. Taught be Annette Lindsey you will learn basics the first hour and then back-up a live band. 

“Cook like a Cajun” by Cajun Chef

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn a little more about the ingredients in Cajun cuisine. We’re not sure who is leading it yet, but you will chop and stir and then eat! Crawfish etouffee is on the menu for sure. All foods and utensils are included in the workshop fee.