Thursday Afternoon Pre-Fête Extended Workshops

This year we are offering four pre-fête extended workshops on Thursday afternoon. The time of these workshops is from 2 pm – 4 pm. These workshops are two hours in length, they are optional and the fee is $15.00 per workshop. It gives a chance to take a more in-depth look at a topic. This would be, for example, a great opportunity for one’s non-player spouse who is coming along with you to the fête to try out the dulcimer. (You can register for the Thursday workshops even if you are registering as a non-player or jammer.)

We are offering workshops for every skill playing level — from beginning dulcimer player to advanced players. These workshops are:

  • “Gentle Dulcimer Boot Camp” for beginning and advanced beginning dulcimer players will be led by Annette Lindsey. Come ready to have fun and feel accomplished! Let Annette start you off on the mountain dulcimer. She’s been teaching beginners how to get started since the 1980’s. Loaners dulcimers available.
  • “Top Ten Jam Tunes” for novice dulcimer players is led by Margaret Wright. She will teach favorite jam tunes as well as etiquette for playing in jams and other useful techniques such as back-up chording. Margaret has an extensive history of traditional fiddle and old-time mountain music to share. As experienced teacher and jammer herself, her gentle style will help you feel confident in any jam setting.  This is a “must do” class for novice players.
  • “Planning a Music Program for Engaging Elderly Adults” is for novice players and up and is open to dulcimer players and all other instruments. Lorinda Jones leads this workshop. Do you enjoy playing for senior resident facilities? Unsure about what tunes are appropriate and can benefit the residents most? As developed from Lorinda’s work as a music therapist, and leader of a dulcimer club, this session will explain the rationale behind the song choices and present a “ready-to-go” performance program for you to take home and share. This workshop is primarily a lecture-formatted session.
  • “Mark’s Fantastic All-Instrument Orchestra” is for intermediate dulcimer players and up as well as all other instruments. If you have ever wanted to opportunity to play in an ensemble, this is your chance. The orchestra will be led by Mark Wade who is expertly qualified to lead this workshop having played professionally in orchestras all over the world. Mark plays both hammered dulcimer and mountain dulcimer as well as penny whistle and guitar. His major instrument in college was the trumpet. A book for classical music for hammered dulcimer players which Mark is writing is in progress. I especially enjoy Mark’s arrangements of Irish songs. This will be a treat!