Not going to Mardi Gras? Join our “old tyme” fiddle jam

If you want to beat the Mardi Gras crowds this year, then think about joining our “old tyme” fiddle jam instead of heading to a parade. 7227230-R1-042-19A-dulcimer jam

We’re meeting at Calientes Restaurant on Mardi Gras day – Tuesday, February 17. Bring your dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, guitar, mandolin, banjo or other instruement to play. This photo was taken at one of our dulcimer fetes several years ago at the West Baton Rouge Museum.  It is an old slave cabin on the grounds of the museum next door to the community center where the fete was headquartered.

The old tyme fiddle jam is 11 am to 1 pm; the bluegrass jam starts at 1 pm. Calientes Restaurant is a Mexican restaurant on Lee Extension across from Mike Anderson’s Restaurant. They have graciously allowed the bluegrass association to hold jams there; so think about getting some of their delicious food while you are there to support the restaurant.

Here are some of the fiddle tunes we know. They are in different keys-dulcimer players; get ready for some key changes.

Sandy River Belle
Forked Deer
St. Anne’s Reel
Rag Time Anne
Bartow Knife
Pigtown Fling
Spotted Pony
Rosin the Bow
Blackberry Blossom
Bill Cheatum
Over the waterfall
Soldiers joy
Angelina Baker
Whisky before breakfast
Red hair red boy (beggar man)
Salt Creek
Devils dream
Billy in the lowlands
Lady of the lake
Bonaparte’s retreat
Bonaparte crossing the Rhine
8th of January
Ghost riders in the sky
Jerusalem ridge
Going down that road
Columbus stockade
Clinch Mtn Backstep
Horse and buggy
I’m bringing my wonderful hammered dulcimer – Bill Spence model – by dulcimer luthier David Lindsey out of Oklahoma. Here he is at one of out dulcimer fetes playing his chromatic grande hammered dulcimer on stage. Wish I could play as good as he does.
7227230-R1-041-19-hammered dulcimer
if you don’t have an instrument to play; no mind; come and listen to us and enjoy a meal!
See you Tuesday, February 17.
The jam is hosted by the Baton Rouge Bluegrass Association.

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