“Dulcimers for David”; That’s David Schnaufer

The smile on Henny’s face is because she just has received her first dulcimer, thanks to a very generous Debbie Porter, at the Lagniappe Dulcimer Fete in March 2015.Henny1 (4) - 1-cropped

“Dulcimers for David”

Debbie Porter is a musician and dulcimer player from the Northeast area of Texas. Her good friend was David Schnaufer. One of Debbie’s goals is to keep alive the legacy of David Schnaufer, talented dulcimer player and musician, through “Dulcimers for David.” Debbie has produced two recordings which feature the dulcimer music of David Schnaufer and other dulcimer players. The proceeds of the sales of these C.D.’s are used to purchase dulcimers which Debbie then gives to young people who show an interest and commitment to learning the mountain dulcimer.

These C.D.’s have some pretty amazing dulcimer playing! I listen to the newest recording, just released in 2015, over and over and never get tired of the selection of music. If you are looking for music that takes dulcimer playing and good music to another level, consider getting these C.D’s.Dulcimers for David - CD - IMG_2951_1

Henny’s Story

Henny is from South Korea and she is here in Baton Rouge with her husband who has a research position at LSU. Henny currently works as a waitress, keeping her Ph.D in a computer technology-related field on hold for now.

Helen Bankson met Henny at a hand-bell practice at their church. Of course Henny didn’t know what a mountain dulcimer was, but Helen was a willing teacher. According to Helen, Henny has made great progress on learning the dulcimer in just a short time. Here are Helen and Henny performing at the open stage at the Lagniappe Dulcimer Fete in March 2015. It takes alot of nerve to play on stage after just a few months of playing! But Henny did it.Henny4 - Photo 4

Henny was this year’s Lagniappe Dulcimer Fete winner of Debbie Porter’s “Dulcimer For David” dulcimer. Helen Bankston is very proud of her student and all that Henny as been able to accomplish. Henny is looking forward to playing for Korean family and friends, and perhaps at church one day. Henny2 - Photo 2

Debbie Porter

Debbie Porter is a talented dulcimer and ukulele player. She has a beautiful singing voice. She has been a dulcimer workshop instructor and performer at our fete several times. Here are Debbie and Helen Bankston at a workshop in 2004. Doesn’t time fly?TOSHIBA Exif JPEG

Debbie Porter’s WEB site is “Lyric’s Mama Music” at //www.debbieporter.net and the recordings can be ordered here. Debbie has also authored several dulcimer tablature books and has made several recordings herself. Shes and performs at dulcimer festivals all over the South. We always enjoy Debbie’s performances at our Lagniappe Fete.

David Schnaufer

David Schnaufer was one of those rare and talented dulcimer players who made a successful career of dulcimer music. He was from the southeast part of Texas and purchased his first dulcimer while in college in Austin, Texas. Although he’d played several other instruments growing up, the dulcimer became his passion. He won the first National Mountain Dulcimer Competition in 1976.

Eventually David moved to Nashville and made a career of dulcimer music, playing and performing with many country artists. He also participated in dulcimer festivals and came to our club in July 2001, giving a workshop and concert. He passed away in 2006 at the age of 53 years, way too early.


Here is David with a very old rectangular “Tennessee Music Box.” David loved to tell the history of the dulcimer and was very proud of this rare musical instrument from the 1800’s.TOSHIBA Exif JPEG

The dulcimer was like magic in David’s hands. What a nice tribute to David by making dulcimers a part of a young person’s life! Thanks Debbie.

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