The Courting Dulcimer and Romance

Millard and Larie Chaney celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary on May 29, 2015. I like to think that this courting dulcimer has had something to do with their successful marriage.image001

Larie and Millard are long time members of the Lagniappe Dulcimer Society. Millard is one of the founding members of our club in 1999 and Larie joined soon. Several years later after joining the club both found themselves without a partners. They discovered that they had many similar interests and struck up a friendly relationship. This blossomed into a courtship and eventually marriage.

The club gave Millard and Larie this courting dulcimer for a wedding present. The dulcimer has two fretboards facing opposite directions. The players sit facing each other holding the dulcimer on their laps – playing at the same time. Now if you can play the same dulcimer together, you’ve got something going.

I asked Larie for their favorite song to play together. She answered, “Kuppvu Eva” tabbed by Paul Andry. I personally like their rendition of “Cold Frosty Morning.”  What ever they play, it’s a treat!

I sorted through lots of photos of past fetes and activities through the years. Here’s an assortment of memories which include Larie, Millard and other club members.

Dulcimer Beginnings

Millard was introduced to the dulcimer by his uncle, on the left of Covington, Louisiana. Here is Millard with his uncle, Aaron Thornton and  Aaron’s mother. After Millard discovered and picked up the dulcimer, he’s never looked back. He started out playing 5 hours a day and has mastered the dulcimer completely. Initially, he joined the Bayou Dulcimer Club in Covington, LA and then joined us when our club was formed. This photo was taken at a workshop that Steve Siefert put on for us in the early 2000’s here in Baton Rouge.Mildred-Covington Group-1

Larie took an LSU Union Leisure Class in 1999. She was a natural at playing the dulcimer and immediately caught on. She’s not looked back either. This photo was taken at a Christmas Party and open state at the old firehouse meeting place where we first held weekly meetings (perhaps 2000?). Jimmy Ray’s son, DeWayne, and Sanford Stanford accompany Larie on the dulcimer.

Millard-Sound Equip Oct 21, 2002

Continuing Along

Millard and Larie have been faithful members of the Lagniappe Dulcimer Society. They come to weekly meetings, participate in performances that the club gives, attend workshops and festivals. They’ve held committee chairmanships and offices with the club and fetes. Here is Steve Seifert’s workshop and concert again. Millard is entertaining Steve Seifert’s young child who is getting attention by dropping his bottle on the floor…..

Sierra Exif JPEG

And waiting to see who will pick it up.

Millard and Steve Seifert's baby in Baton Rouge

Lagniappe Dulcimer Fetes

Millard and Larie have come to every annual dulcimer fete that the club has hosted. Here are some fete photos which include Larie, Millard and many other folks in our club and others from around the country who attended these fetes.

Registration desk in 2002.

Fete 2002 - Registration_Desk

Covered dish supper at the 2003 fete. This fete was held at the Port Allen High School because the museum was being remodeled. It is the only fete not to be held at the Port Allen Community Center.

0701-Covered Dish Supper - 2003 fete

Jamming at a fete; possibly 2004.


Here’s another jam at one of the early fetes, I recognize Liz–from Covington, Larie, Millard and Bob Gullic.


More jamming at one of the first fetes..

fETE - Jam_Fri_2

Fete in 2004. You can tell what year it is by the T-shirt (and label on the photo) Fete 2004 - 7227230-R1-008-2A

Another 2004 fete photo.

Fete 2004 - 7227230-R1-032-14A

Fete 2013

The years have flown by; we’re still playing and jamming. Here’s the 2013 fete – with Larie and Regina Payne who are trying to get us to purchase more raffle tickets.


Here a group of Lagniappe members have branched out and are now playing the ukulele, too.


Lots of more jamming – but wait – three years of fete t-shirts are represented here.


Joe Besse, Lloyd Wood and wife – instructors – Millard.


The Ukelele class taught by Sharrie George (on the left) was a big hit. Guy George came as hammered dulcimer instructor that year.


Well, this really has been a trip down memory lane as I looked through photos of past fetes and club activities. We’ve had lots of good times and members of the Lagniappe Dulcimer Society have made lots of connections over the years. What started out as a simple hobby has brought us a long way, especially for Millard and Larie!

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