Jambalaya Jammin’ is our 2020 Fête Theme

Our club members voted; it’s official. The theme of our 2020 fête will be ‘Jambalaya Jammin'”. It is the perfect theme for us to “Pass a good time” or as the say in Cajun French, “Laissez Le Bon Ton Roulet”. Here’s a photo of from our last fête and fun. The dates are Thursday afternoon thru Sunday morning (gospel sing only on Sunday morning) March 12 – 15, 2020.

We can go many ways with this theme. Our club loves to have dulcimer and acoustic instrument jams. So we are planning to have many good jams such as “Traffic Jam” Jam and “Slow Cookin'” Jam. Here we are jammin’ at the 2019 fête.

And just a few years ago; here we are at our 2002 fête — the only year we didn’t have the fête at the Community Center. Recognize the same folks? Better with age!

We will also have some good Cajun food at the festival. Jambalaya is traditionally served at Saturday night’s supper.

Or we might serve home homemade assorted jams at breakfasts.

We will  have the fête at the West Baton Rouge Community Center again and at the West Baton Rouge Museum. We are very thankful for the hospitality of the Port Allen community.

It is a beautiful time of the year in Louisiana. Save the dates and come enjoy another good festival with our club.


  1. My friends and I certainly enjoyed the festival this year. We especially enjoyed Dave Haas’ classes. We’re looking forward to next year and are happy to have the dates so early!  A suggestion:  check on your slogan. Having taken French, I believe this is the way to phrase the Cajun French version of  “Let the good times roll.” “Laissez les bons temps rouler.” (Laisser means to let, while laissez means you let.) Also, in French, articles and adjectives preceding a noun are made singular or plural to match the noun “temp” (time). For example, the good time would be “le bon temp,” whereas the good times would be “les bons temps.”)  This is meant to be helpful. Have a blessed day! Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


    1. The term is Cajun and is not found outside of Cajun Louisiana. It is a pure translation or borrowing of words from English, not French. So it is correct as written for this culture. Welcome to Louisiana! (Where everything is unique.) Looking forward to having you come to our 2020 fete.


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