More Galax-Style Dulcimers; Primer on Changing Strings

After attending the Galax-style old-time string band jam in Virginia in May, I became intrigued with this type of dulcimer and decided to learn more about them. Could I tune one of my own dulcimers to DDDD above middle C to get the same sound? It meant changing strings–several times. Here’s how it turned out.Measuring Length from Bridge End - _0531

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Dulcimer Dad and His Amazing Musical Instruments: You Rock, Quintin

With creativity and talent; the sky is the limit on playing a musical instrument. Quintin Stephens shows this with the traditional Appalachian dulcimer; taking it to another level. Here is his solid body electric “Blue Shark” dulcimer.Blue Shark Dulcimer - 100_2278_sm

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